Since 1996
 SUN MEDIA has installed Microfab Inkjet Printer (Jetlab 4 XL ) for printed electronic devices like Solar cells and thin film transistors and also a new Xenon Photonic Curing System ( Sinetron 2000-S ) for Sintering of Nanoparticles at IIT Powai, Bombay.     
Xenon-RC-900 Series Pulsed UV Curing Systems
RC-900 Series Pulsed UV Curing Systems
Xenon has raised the bar for curing performance with the RC-900 Series UV Curing System. The RC-900 leapfrogs the industry in power and capability, enabling faster, more efficient and cost-effective curing in the most challenging applications such as Blu-ray Disc™, high-density semiconductor arrays and many other uses.
Key features of RC-900 Series Pulsed UV Curing Systems
The RC-900 features increased power and energy output driven by a new 6 kilowatt power supply, resulting in faster curing through a faster pulse rate. Manufacturers benefit from greater productivity and higher throughput.
Precision control of the UV pulses allows delivery of a precise, predetermined, consistent energy level with every curing cycle. You achieve better results and can match the RC-900 to your application to a degree that is simply not possible with most other curing systems.
The RC-900’s on/off technology uses much less energy than continuous
mercury-based systems, allowing you to achieve faster curing while keeping
energy use low.
Two models are available
RC-901 single-lamp housing — This unit is comprised of a controller, a 6 kilowatt power supply and a single lamp housing.
RC-902 dual-lamp housing — The 902 provides two lamps powered by a single power supply and controller. Each lamp is individually sequenced by the controller’s high speed logic, making multi-lamp operation simple and costeffective. Multiple lamps are used to provide more curing options, such as simultaneous top-down and bottom-up curing.
Optical disc — bonding, top layer and hard coat curing
Medical device manufacturing
Plastic — bonding without damage
Pharmaceutical packaging
Rapid low heat curing of UV adhesives, coatings, inks and paints
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