Since 1996
 SUN MEDIA has installed Microfab Inkjet Printer (Jetlab 4 XL ) for printed electronic devices like Solar cells and thin film transistors and also a new Xenon Photonic Curing System ( Sinetron 2000-S ) for Sintering of Nanoparticles at IIT Powai, Bombay.     
In-line vacuum coating plant for sheets and metal strips
Development of new products based on new layer systems and complex PVD technologies under scalable conditions (up to a coating width of 500 mm
Typical substrates:
Single-sided and double-sided coating of sheet materials made of metal, plastic, glass and ceramics having maximum dimensions of 500 mm x 500 mm
Coating of metal strips having a maximum width of 300 mm and a maximum thickness of 0.5 mm
Range of applications
Manufacture of high-area coatings:
  • For special tests
  • Pilot production of small series for FEP customers
  • Sample preparation for final customers
  • For marketing purposes
    Testing key components under near-industrial conditions
    Detailed evaluation of the economics of the processes


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