Since 1996
 SUN MEDIA has installed Microfab Inkjet Printer (Jetlab 4 XL ) for printed electronic devices like Solar cells and thin film transistors and also a new Xenon Photonic Curing System ( Sinetron 2000-S ) for Sintering of Nanoparticles at IIT Powai, Bombay.     
HW-400/410/420 Waterless Offset Printer
HW-430, HW-430MWaterless Offset Printer

Wet-on-Wet printing
4 colors waterless offset printing unit.
2 colors screen printing stations
3 UV curing systems
Automatic special handling system for loading and unloading
Highest precision system for safe position of CD/DVD
Fast waterless plate changing within 30 seconds
Throughput : 3,000 discs/hour
Small dimension 3,470L x 1,550W x 2,400H mm
Print check, ID code check, 8cm and CD card (option)
High feeding system, loading 1,600pcs, unloading 1,600pcs

Machine CD/DVD Waterless Offset Printer
Model No. HW- 430
Disc Specification 12 cm disc (standard), 8cm disc & Card Disc (Option)
Printing Process Wet - on - wet printing 4 colors 1 UV
1-color screen
4 Colors Offset ( K/C/M/Y )
1 Color Screen

UV Curing System

3 sets

PLC System Japan Mitsubishi

3,600 pcs/hour

PS Plate

690 L x 204 W x 0.24 T mm, Toray (Japan)

Frame Dimension

318 x 278 mm (or customer demand)


220V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase + Ground (or customer demand)

Compressed Air

20 m3/Hr. 0.49 Mpa

Machine Dimension

3,470 L x 1,550 W x 2,400H mm

Net Weight 5,600 Kg




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