Since 1996
 SUN MEDIA has installed Microfab Inkjet Printer (Jetlab 4 XL ) for printed electronic devices like Solar cells and thin film transistors and also a new Xenon Photonic Curing System ( Sinetron 2000-S ) for Sintering of Nanoparticles at IIT Powai, Bombay.     
Coater P600MR.5 for PCB applications
Web Coaters series P600MR is our contribution in 21st century products.

Web Coaters of this series can easily be updated to Customer's requirements and ensure deposition of single layers or multi-layer stacks for touch panels, LCD, solar cells and solar control materials; they may be also used for the deposition of thick conductive metallic layers for FPCBs.

The single-sided coatings are deposited in three isolated compartments with a water-cooled process drum in each of them. In-line monitoring of coating parameters after each deposition zone ensures accurate maintenance of each deposited layer properties. Vertical arrangement of sputtering targets decreases contamination risk of the targets and coated web. Depending on the process required, various combinations of magnetrons are possible: double magnetron systems or single magnetrons, powered from DC or AC power supplies. Target materials are metal or ceramic.

The sputtering process is monitored with a multi-channel plasma emission spectrometer.

The drums heating/cooling system provides the possibility of significant functionality expansion. Special attention is paid to film surface pretreatment. The web first undergoes drying in Vacuum dryer C2P670, and then plasma treatment in the Coater.

The control system provides a fully automated process.

Technical Specification
Substrate plastic webs

Web width

up to 700 mm

Web thickness 25-200 micron
Maximum roll diameter

600 mm

Number of compartments



SiO2, ITO, TiO2, NiCr, Cu, TiN, Ti

Nominal sheet resistance (ITO layer)

40-400 Ohm/sq

Thickness of Cu layer

0.2 micron

Sputter equipment

3 planar double magnetron systems or 6 planar single magnetrons

Pre-treatment glow discharge
Winding speed 0.5-5.0 m/min
In-line monitoring reflection, transmission and sheet resistance measurement
Drum temperature - 10...+ 25 °C
Pumping based on turbo molecular or cryogenic pumps
Overall dimensions 14.5x10.0x3.7 m




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