Since 1996
 SUN MEDIA has installed Microfab Inkjet Printer (Jetlab 4 XL ) for printed electronic devices like Solar cells and thin film transistors and also a new Xenon Photonic Curing System ( Sinetron 2000-S ) for Sintering of Nanoparticles at IIT Powai, Bombay.     

Our six business segments .

Automotive Solution (Coating for Car Lamp Reflectors)
Eco-friendly Vacuum and Decorative Metalization in variety of colors on any objects.
Specialist Printing Machines for Printing on glass, plastic any shape objects.
High performance pulsed UV lamps, curing systems and Sterilization systems.

Microdispensing and precision printing based on piezoelectric ink-jet dispensing droplets on-demand.

Innovative Forming System for In-Mold-Decoration and Film-Insert-Modeling.

Turnkey Optical Media Manufacturing
MicroFab technology inc.
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Vacuum coating / vacuum metallizing equipment
Including Sputtering Machines
Optical Coating Units
Metallizers Batch
    Machines Dubuit : Specialist in   Objects Direct Printing
Automatic Screen Printing Machines
Semi-Automatic Dcreen Printing Machines
Auxiliary Machines
    Pulsed Light UV Technology
Xenon Pulsed Light UV Curing for variety of applications including
Sterilization, Bond Curing, Sintering for PCB Electronics, Solar
  Lamin Inmold Decoration ( IMD)
Innovative High Pressure Vacuum Forming System
IMD / FIM Technology
    MicroFab Technologies.INC
Microdispensing and precision printing based on piezoelectric
ink-jet dispensing droplets on-demand can be printed on Solarcells
thin film transistors,
glass slides,quartz, PET sheet,nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes, acrylamide, polystyrene, cellulose
  Sidrabe Large Vaccum Coating
Coating of Non-Metal/Metal Web Materials
Deposition of Lithium for Battery Makers
Universal Web Coater
    Turnkey Optical Media   Manufacturing
CD/DVD/CDR/DVDR Manufacturing
Glass Mastering
Offset Printing and Digital Printing
    Solar Cell/ Wafer/   Manufacturing
Machines for Solar Cell Manufacturing
Solar Lamp for Solar Simulators
    Fraunhofer Electron & Plasma
Electron Beam Technology
Pulse Magnetron Sputtering
Plasma Activated High Rate Deposition
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